VITAL HEALTH Vital Slim Diet All in One Lactobacillus 10 Sticks (10-day supply)

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Product Info

Why we love it
It is a probiotic diet that helps maintain good health consistently.
It is a health functional food approved by the MFDS for helping reduce body fat.
If you have concerns about having too much body fat, liking or often eating high-calorie foods, wanting to take care of your gut health, worrying about gut health due to frequent dieting, wanting to manage weight loss and gut health at the same time, lacking energy due to long-lasting dieting, having poor gut health due to irregular eating habits, wanting good bowel movements, looking for probiotics that can be stored at room temperature, wanting to consume sufficient amount of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals, worrying about bone health due to excessive exercise, it is suitable for you.
It is the first domestic individual-approved functional diet dual probiotic approved by the MFDS for reducing body fat.
Premium probiotics obtained by freeze-drying method, born after continuous research for 17 years, and a golden blend of premium probiotics.
Lactobacillus complex HY7601+KY1032, test results for human application, helps improve body weight, body mass index, dermal fat area, total fat area, body fat percentage, and body fat amount.
Vital Slim is an all-in-one probiotic for a tireless diet.
Delicious and consistently consumable, refreshing and refreshing grapefruit mint flavor.
We take diet probiotics more deliciously with a blend of fresh and fresh grapefruit and refreshing and cool mint.
It is easy to consume anytime, anywhere with individual stick packaging.
It is easy to carry, individual stick packaging, easy cut application, and easy to swallow the content.
Featured ingredients
It is a product containing Lactobacillus complex, vitamin D, and niacin.
It helps reduce body fat, promote bowel movements, promote intestinal health, and promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and inhibit harmful bacteria with Lactobacillus complex HY7601+KY1032.
It is a product that uses freeze-dried method, a premium diet probiotic raw material obtained by blending two key strains.
It is packed comfortably to consume with a guaranteed bacterial count of 100 billion CFU per packet.
It is a product that holds a total of 4 domestic patents for the use of probiotics.
It is a product designed for intestinal health with a combination of 100 billion probiotics and prebiotic ingredients.
It contains probiotics for intestinal health, niacin for energy production, and vitamin D for bone health.
How to use
Please consume 1 pack per day.