VITAGRAN Vitamin C Chewable 72 Tablets (Lemon, Grape, Apple and Raspberry to choose) (18-day supply)

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Product Info

Why we love it
If you cannot get enough vitamin C every day, this is a product that chooses a delicious way to take it.
Product that helps to create a refreshing daily life by containing functional approved ingredients by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
According to reviews, it is a product that tastes exactly like the fruit you like, makes you feel healthy, and is convenient because it is individually packed.
This product offers not only the fun of choosing between lemon, apple, raspberry, and grape flavors, but also the enjoyment of eating them.
Product that applies oxidation prevention safety packaging method considering the characteristics of vitamin C sensitive to light and moisture.
Undergone thorough inspection during the entire process from production, sales to after-sales management.
Suitable for those who want to consume tasty vitamin C, those who are looking for a family vitamin C product that both adults and children love, those who have difficulty taking refined type products, those who need to supplement vitamin C through health functional food because they have low intake of fruits and vegetables, those who have an unbalanced diet due to a high proportion of instant food and eating out, and those who want to find the right vitamin C for me from a wide range of options such as type, taste, and content.
Featured ingredients
This product is full of vitamin C extracted, fermented, concentrated, and refined from Zea Mays (Corn) Starch.
How to use
Take twice daily, dissolve or chew 2 tablets once a time.