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I’m Vita Multi Vitamin Immune Shot 12 Vials Special Set (14-day supply)

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Why we love it
Vitamin supplement selling one every 3 seconds!
Olive Young’s top-selling vitamin supplement.
A premium all-in-one multivitamin that packs a punch in a single bottle.
18 kinds of nutrients are sufficient for my body today in liquid, capsule, and tablet forms.
Suitable for those who have found it difficult and inconvenient to take traditional multivitamins, for those who want to take care of their basic nutrition for health, for those who cannot have balanced meals regularly, for those who need energy in their tired daily life due to work, for those who want to maintain normal immune function, and for those who find it annoying to take various vitamins one by one.
Featured ingredients
Made with 100% DSM European vitamins.
It offers high doses of water-soluble B vitamins and adequate amounts of 4 other vitamins and minerals to boost immunity support efficacy.
This product contains a high dosage of 4000% of the essential B-group vitamins necessary for energy production and utilization.
Vitamin B group is a water-soluble vitamin, so it is not stored in the body even if consumed in large quantities, and is discharged, so take the Multi Vitamin Immune Shot every day.
How to use
Remove the top cap and take out the tablets and capsules.
Twist the cap of the bottle to open it.
Take the tablets and capsules with liquid or water.
This special set includes 12+2 of I’m Vita Multi Vitamin Immune Shot.