FOODOLOGY Coleology Cutting Jelly 10 Sticks (+2 Sticks) (12-day supply)

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Why we love it
This product recorded a total of 1.36 million cumulative sales, 4.6/5.0 customer satisfaction rating, 40,000 reviews written after product intake, No.1 in consumers' preferred brand, 3 years of the grand prize for consumer satisfaction, Beauty Awards Dong-A Ilbo Golden Girl Editor's Pick.
This product is the No.1 best-selling brand at Olive Young, the No.1 slimming product at the 2022 Olive Young Awards, and the No.1 popular brand at Naver Shopping.
The success of the diet is Seohyun's red jelly, Foodology jelly.
Foodology cutting jelly is for weight loss and targets cutting carbs.
Take Foodology cutting jelly once a day after a meal.
Triple functional Red jelly is certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
One package of this product contains functional ingredients for reducing body fat, cutting carbs, promoting bowel movements, and suppressing postprandial blood sugar rise.
Clinical trials have shown that Garcinia cambogia extract helps to reduce body fat, waist circumference, weight, visceral fat, food intake, and leptin hormone.
For those of you whose lower stomach feels full today and those who are worried about blood sugar after eating, this product helps you go to the bathroom and cut blood sugar.
Clinical trials have shown that indigestible maltodextrin helps to increase the amount of defecation, increase the number of defecation, improve the feeling of residual feeling after defecation, and soften the feces.
This product was launched after research and development by a pharmacist.
Chewy pomegranate-flavored red jelly also contains chewy chia seeds.
It can be easily consumed without water.
Pomegranate and prunes make it taste good and even better when slightly frozen or eaten cold.
It is recommended for those who like carbs, such as rice, bread, noodles, and rice cakes, those who have a full stomach due to not being able to go to the bathroom often, those who lack dietary fiber due to little vegetable intake, those who often eat late at night and binge eat, those who have frequent dinners and parties, and those who are looking for delicious weight loss products.
Certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, this product can help reduce body fat and promote bowel movement.
Featured ingredients
It contains Garcinia cambogia extract which helps reduce body fat by suppressing the synthesis of carbohydrates into fat.
It contains indigestible maltodextrin which helps promote bowel movement and control blood sugar rising after meals.
Carbs restricting Garcinia reduces body fat and carbohydrates.
It contains Garcinia cambogia extract, a 100% plant-based ingredient, that helps suppress carbohydrate fat synthesis and reduce body fat.
It contains indigestible maltodextrin, a 100% plant-based ingredient, that promotes bowel movements and restricts postprandial blood sugar rise.
This product contains carefully selected and formulated premium supplementary ingredients (fructooligosaccharide, mixed vegetable concentrate powder, pomegranate concentrate, prune concentrate, fermented honey, chia seeds, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin).
How to use
Before breakfast: Wake up in the morning with 1 packet of Foodology tea.
After lunch: Cut excess carbohydrates with 1 pack of Cutting jelly in the afternoon.
Before bed: Take 2 Foodology cutting tablets before bed.
FOODOLOGY Coleology Cutting Jelly 10 Sticks (+2 Sticks) (12-day supply)