FOODOLOGY Coleology 600mg*30 Tablets Special Set (15-day supply)

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Why we love it
Diet Success is Seohyun's red-conatiner diet Coleology.
It is a health supplement that passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, such as product safety, functionality, standards, and specifications.
If you eat a lot of fatty meals, often overeat and habitually snack, are worried about a bulging belly, are concerned about your midsection, want to focus on fat loss, and want to keep your weight under control, this is for you.
The results of the human application of Coleus forskohlii extract, a functional ingredient, show that body fat reduction, weight loss, and lean body mass are confirmed.
Caffeine-free tested for those who are sensitive to caffeine.
Featured ingredients
Coleus forskohlii is packed with energizing vitamins your body needs to produce energy while losing body fat.
Contains coleus forskohlii extract to help reduce body fat.
Contains 100% of the RDA for vitamins and minerals, plus an exclusive blend of concentrates.
Contains forskolin from coleus forskohlii root, which is 1000% plant-based and helps reduce body fat.
It provides 100% of the daily value of vitamins B1, B2, B6 pantothenic acid, and selenium, providing nutrients that crash diets can lack.
How to use
Simply take 2 pills once a day, before bed, and you're good to go
Prepare a plenty of water.
Take out 2 Coleology pills.
Take with water.
This is a Coleology 600mg*30 tablet special set.