CJ BYOCORE Skin Immune Probiotics 10 Billion 30 Sticks+10 Sticks (20-day supply)

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Why we love it
CJ ByoCore, which takes care of your health, is a high-dose probiotic.
It is a powerful probiotic developed with CJ Microbiome R&D Center's 60 years of fermentation technology and secret.
It is a reliable premium skin immunity probiotic recognized for its functionality by the MFDS.
Suitable for those who wants to manage the gut and skin health at the same time, wants to change sensitive and delicate skin from the root. needs a skin health functional food that the whole family can consume worried because you recently have many skin concerns and for those looking for a skin health functional food recognized for its functionality by the MFDS.
Premium skin immunity probiotics that care for gut health and skin immunity at once, with a convenient daily intake of 2 packets.
It improves skin conditions due to immune hypersensitivity, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria while suppressing harmful bacteria, and helps with smooth bowel movements and gut health.
It guarantees a daily intake of 100 billion probiotics, which is 100% of the daily intake recommended by the MFDS, until the expiration date.
Take it consistently, regardless of before or after meals, because it is a powerful probiotic.
Featured ingredients
ByoCore skin immunity probiotics are made with CJLP133, a vegetable-derived probiotic strain that is the first in Korea to be recognized for skin functionality by the MFDS.
From probiotics to premium formulations, this additive-free formula is carefully selected for essential ingredients.
How to use
Take 2 packets daily for an easy way to consume.