Korea Cosmetics TFIT 3-color Concealer

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Formulation: Cream

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Origin: KR(Origin)

NET WT: 5g

Size: Full Size

Certificate Number: Best Korean cosmetics

Benefit: Moisturizer

Benefit: Oil-control

Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant



Benefit: Concealer

Benefit: Natural Factors

Benefit: Nutritious

Quantity: 1

Model Number: TFIT three-color concealer

Use: Face

Type: Concealer

Ingredient: 17 amino acids, Fungus King, Grape essence Jeju Fermented Centennial

Country/Region of Manufacture: korea

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NEW KOREA TFIT three-color concealer 5g

Skin type: All skin types
Specification: 5g Shelf life: 3 years
Effect: Cover blemishes & dark circles, weaken pores, brighten skin tone
Colors: Bright & Natural & Healthy, 3 in 1

Smooth and delicate, long-lasting concealer

Clear and flawless, deduct perfect skin
1. Multi-purpose, 3-color almighty
2. Microdermabrasion Concealer, A touch of soft focus
3. Even skin tone, Solve the dullness
4. Moisturizing, Long lasting concealer

3-color concealer

Sniper multiple facial blemishes

3 targeted colors Solve dark circles, tear grooves, dullness, uneven skin tone

# Bright color
Retouch dullness, fill up tear grooves, naturally brighten skin tone
# Natural color
Covers dark blemishes such as spots, acne marks, etc.
# Healthy color
The strongest concealing power, covering dark circles and large blemishes, can be used for partial shadows

Microdermabrasion concealer, A touch of soft focus

Wear makeup all day

Melt into the skin, clear and high concealer

# Nano-scale colored particles
# Spherical powder combined with oil control powder
# Effectively intensively fill the unevenness of the skin and control oil secretion for a long time
Gives a light and thin texture, super concealing power

Flawless makeup, easy to have

Multi-effects in one plate, full face available
# Cover dark circles
Use a small amount to brighten the skin and spread it on the dark circles several times
# Cover acne marks, spots
Use healthy colors first, and then use natural colors to cover skin that is similar to the nearby skin tone.
# Cover up dull skin tone
Cover with natural color in small amount and many times
# Trimming
Bright color for brightening, healthy color for shadow

Infused with essence, lasting moisture

Core ingredients
* 17 amino acids: Effectively maintain the skin, evenly modify the skin, and invisible blemishes
1. Fungus King
Strong skin bottom
Free radical scavenging
2. Grape essence
Improve dullness
Revitalize the skin
3. Jeju Fermented Centennial Grass
Relieve sensitive skin
Replenish skin moisture and nutrients
4.Hyaluronic acid
Relieves dry skin
Make makeup more docile and shiny
5. Ceramide
Gives a compliant, elastic and moisturizing effect
Extend the makeup time, keep it delicate and light for a long time

Safe ingredients without added

Gentle skin care
* No artificial flavors
* No added 20 designated hazardous ingredients