Herbal Bright Organic | Tooth Powder for Sensitive Teeth, Treatment and Prevention of Gum Inflammation (MADE IN USA)

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Recommended to people who have

- Bleeding or inflamed gums
- Aching teeth
- Severe bad breath in their mouth

- Relieve gum inflammation
- Remove bacterias in the mouth
- Whiten tooth stains
- Relieve tooth aching
- Remove plaque and tartar
- Remove bad breath

"Herbal Bright is an excellent treatment and prevention of gum disease made only from natural herbs extracts that you can feel the effect immediately after use."

1. Treatment and prevention of gum inflammation
2. It fundamentally eliminates bad breath.
3. Whitens teeth discoloration

- Fundamentally solves all diseases by removing all germs in the mouth!
- Make oral care easy and comfortable from childhood. Let your child have strong gums!
- Clean up your parents' gum disease!

About 200 to 300 million bacteria live in our mouths. The cause of all periodontal disease is bacteria living in the mouth. These bacteria enter the small gaps around the gums and between the gum and teeth, creating toxic substances and causing gum inflammation. Periodontal disease is a chronic disease that is simple but not easily treated by removing the bacteria that cause it.

The gum treatment Herbal Bright is made of 100% natural medicine that anyone can use it with confidence. Herbal Bright is very effective in curing inflammation in the gums by removing harmful bacteria living in the mouth. It also solves severe bad breath fundamentally, not just temporarily removing, whitens the discolored teeth with coffee and cigarettes, and removes plaque and tartar. It also treats toothache and gum pain incredibly. 


How to use 

- Apply the toothpaste that you usually use to your toothbrush, then dip a little of Herbal Bright 
- Brush for 3 minutes, 3 times a day after meals 
- Gently rub your tongue, teeth and palate 
- Rinse your mouth well after brushing 
- Wash the Herbal Bright power on the toothbrush until it disappears 


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