Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask 4 masks 2.8 Fl. Oz each - with Super Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E -

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The #1 Skincare Line in Japan brings the THE JAPANESE SECRET FOR AGELESS - SKIN. SKINCARE THAT WORKS IN HARMONY WITH YOUR SKIN - The Japanese beauty philosophy is rooted...

The #1 Skincare Line in Japan brings the THE JAPANESE SECRET FOR AGELESS - SKIN. SKINCARE THAT WORKS IN HARMONY WITH YOUR SKIN - The Japanese beauty philosophy is rooted in the idea that products should work in harmony with skin. Inspired by this philosophy, Hada Labo Tokyo is designed to replace a key element of what your skin naturally loses over time - hyaluronic acid - but with a sophisticated innovation. Featuring Super Hyaluronic Acid an exclusive combination of three types of hyaluronic acid, Hada Labo Tokyo offers powerful multi-layer hydration to effectively reduce dry lines, wrinkles and restore radiance. This anti-aging collection emphasizes simplicity in its design by removing unnecessary ingredients that can burden the skin. All formulas are Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free, Dye-Free, Mineral Oil-Free.

  • A BOTTLE OF ANTI AGING SERUM IN EACH MASK: This soft, 100% cotton mask drenches skin with a full bottle of anti-aging serum (0.7 FL OZ) to boost hydration, smooth fine lines, and restore firmness and bounce to your skin. A refreshing and relaxing experience for radiant and visibly younger skin.
  • CLINICAL RESULTS AND SKIN IMPROVEMENT* Clinically shown to increase skin hydration 2.5 times in 10 minutes. After 4 weeks: 79% saw improved skin texture and smoothness and 74% saw improved skin elasticity and firmness* *Data on file / Clinical study improvements over base line
  • KEY ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS: Super Hyaluronic Acid: Proprietary combination of 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid. Powerful hydrator and skin plumper that provides multi-layer, long-lasting moisture preventing dry lines. Enriched with Soy Peptides to help fortify skin, Collagen to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and Vitamin E to help protect skin from premature aging by preventing free radical damage and skin cell deterioration.
  • BEAUTY TIP The Anti-Aging Sheet Mask sits on the skin and allows for full absorbtion of the serum. Ideal to use to replenish skin after a long flight or simply relax at home and indulge in a spa-like treatment. Apply excess serum on hands, arms, neck and chest.
  • HOW TO USEOpen the foil packet containing the pre-cut mask. Unfold to expose entire surface area.Carefully position the eye, nose, and mouth openings as you gently press the mask to clean and dry face.Leave on for 10 minutes.Gently remove and discard. Do not rinse; pat excess serum into the skin.Recommended Use: 1 to 3 times per week for best results and all formulas are fragrance-free, paraben-free, dye-free, mineral oil-free
Dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water once a week. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks. Clean stains/spots using the following steps: Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Rub the surface lightly in a circular motion. Dry the surface immediately with a clean, soft towel.