Gemstone Powder Pillow (Ch25)

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Experience the effects of Yeongyang lapillus pillow if you suffer from insomnia, headache shoulder or neck disc, or ear pain.

"Natural Healing Powers" ISO 9001 Certification
Certified by Rayonex Germany

Stay healthy for a hundred years by cutting off electromagnetic and water veins waves. Blocking 100% of water vein and harmful energy waves. It puts energy into about 150 parts of the human body.

Experience potency of Yeongyang lapillus pillow, if you have poor arms, shoulders, bronchi, thyroiditis, kidney, stomach, etc.

A stone that radiates 36 kinds of life energy!
Excellent for Skin Care!
Highly Recommended for those who are sick without illness!

Enjoy your 100-year-old health with Yeongyang lapillus

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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