Returns & Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

In need of proceeding refund or exchange, please contact our sales representative via an e-mail (, or simply leave an inquiry on our board.  
We will commence its proper procedure after consulting with corresponding representative.

  • Unauthorized Return: KP Town will NOT be responsible for unauthorized return conducted solely on buyer's behalf.  Buyer must contact KP Town Customer Service before shipment of the product. 
  • KP Town will inform buyer with its returning address within the procedure.

About Items that can't be Returned
  • Book: We will exchange to new product if the received book(s) is(are) in unreadable condition under such as: defected prints, wrinkles, stratch, and/or teared pages. 
  • Missing/Mis-shipment: Exchange and/or additional shipment will be compensated under partial delivery or mis-shipment. 
  • Scribble, breakage, scratch, and/or any incidents caused by customer in which can decrease value of the product. 
  • etc: Under detection of valid usage and/or damage caused by customer.

    1. Return Policy of Defected Product
    If you are requesting a refund due to defective or damaged product, KP Town will refund fully reimburse (including shipping and/or tax) of mis-shipped.
    • Must submit following: Invoice, name and quantity of the product, description of defection, and original package (User's manual, accessory, and/or gift, etc) 
    • KP Town will pay shipping in case of an exchange.

      2. Return Policy of Non-Defected Product
      If there is no defect in the product itself, but it is exchanged by customer's remorse etc.
      In case of returning non-defected product, restocking and shipping/handling fee will be deducted from total amount.  
      KP Town recommends UPS, USPS, or FedEX for the shipment and insurance is preferred to reduce chance of missing and/or damage.  
      • Must submit following: Invoice, name and quantity of the product, description of defection, and original package (User's manual, accessory, and/or gift, etc)

      3. Order Cancellation
      Customer must contact KP Town before the actual shipment of the product for canceling an order without extra charge.  
      Even if the product is not yet received, customer is responsible for its shipping fee (addition to ship-back fee) if the shipment is in stage of delivery.  
      • If the free-shipping product already left its facility and customer wishes to cancel one's order, the refund amount will exclude product's ship-back amount. 
      • If partial exchange and return is proceeded, KP Town determines its related shipping cost complying KP Town's return policy. 
      • Customer may pay its restocking fee for partially delivered items under our cooperative companies' return policy.

        * Restocking Fee
        30% of restocking fee apply within, limited to, in categories of book, and all the rest of the category applies 10% of restocking fee under general circumstances.

        4. Refund Procedure
        • Refund can be proceeded only if returnable cause is found within 7 days of shipment's arrival. Please have returning item insured and provide its corresponding tracking number to KP Town.
        • If returned product differs from described, damaged, and/or shows sign of usage, proper procedure of exchange/refund of the product would be altered.
        • Refunded amount will be deposited to credit card used on transaction, it would take 4-7 business days for the complete transaction.