4 Effective Ways To Eliminate Eye Fatigue From Staring At Your Computer All Day

Yes, staring at a computer all day has some very damaging impact on your eyes. However, we understand the fact that it is impossible for you to avoid being in front of your desktop or gadgets, after all, in-office and remote desk jobs have been the norm, especially...

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Always Tired? Check Out The Power Of Korean Red Ginseng: 3 Proven Health Benefits Of The Wonder Root

Traditionally, ginseng has been used to help with a number of medical conditions. The wonder root contains ginsenosides and gintonin, two significant compounds with astonishing health benefits. These days, the two most popular variety of ginseng are the American and the Asian ginseng. One variety of Asian ginseng...

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Reduce The Severity Of COVID-19 Symptoms By Boosting Your Immune System

No thanks to the Omicron variant, the world, especially the United States, is experiencing another surge of COVID-19 cases.  Aside from getting vaccinated, boosting our body's immune system can add to our defence against the coronavirus. Even when our body gets infected, an immune system that is at...

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KN95 Or Surgical Mask: Which Mask Type Offers The Best Protection Against The Omicron Variant?

Wearing a mask is a critical tool to prevent getting and spreading the coronavirus, especially during this time when the world is seeing another surge of cases due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant. Masks and other respirators are proven to be effective in decreasing the chances of...

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