K-Beauty - the story on the Korean beauty cosmetic trend

Everyone is talking about K-Beauty and many are in love with them, but what’s behind it? In order to get to the bottom of this new trend, let's check out the local market first hand.  As early as 2011 American experts realized that the modern and innovative technology...

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The Face Mask Subscription Service Serves Real-Life Superheroes Impacting Businesses and Design

If you've doubted whether face masks would indeed become the new normal it's time to believe, Europe is getting its very own face mask subscription service which became the real-life superheroes.    The service, Maskclub, has been donating one mask to healthcare workers for every mask sold over...

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Best Leafy Greens for Your Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are great for supporting a healthy lifestyle. They are usually loaded with fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients that can keep your body thriving. The combination of leafy greens and fruity deliciousness makes a green smoothie the perfect healthy treat and nutritional supplement.    So, what do...

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Face Mask Makeup: Best Mascara for Post-Quarantine Looks

As many residents emerge from quarantine, it’s time to get back on our makeup game. Face masks will likely be required for quite some time, even as people return to work and social life. Amp of your eyes with dramatic touches of mascara to give your eyes that...

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